Company Profile 

Enablemed (Pty) Ltd was established in 1995 and has been registered with the Council for Medical Schemes since 2003.  Enablemed was acquired by National Health Group (Pty) Ltd in 2019.

Enablemed was founded by clinicians, medical academics and occupational care doctors  and has a rich history in the provisions of care to low income earners. Enablemed has been providing integrated health care services on a full risk transfer for a number of years. National Health Group, trading as National Health Care, was established in 2017 with the core vision of providing medical cover to low-income South Africans that have traditionally been unable to access quality private medical cover. The founding shareholder is African Rainbow Capital, a fully black controlled company founded by Patrice Motsepe. ARC is listed on the JSE and has raised over R4 billion in a new listing in 2017.

Enablemed and National Health Group provide a unique approach in which we offer a neutral and independent provider network through the Independent Practitioners Association. Together we offer the most appropriate healthcare network in South Africa with over 3,500 contracted providers. For more information see